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Coronavirus Update

What is the Peacock Parlour doing about Coronavirus?

We have decided to stay open for as long as possible during the Coronavirus outbreak, as long as both Richard and myself can safely leave the house. As we have a high cleaning protocol already, so long as everyone is responsible we feel the risk is relatively low. This is true as of 17/03/20, but is subject to change as the situation evolves.

As is likely to be the case for most small businesses, we are expecting a rough ride for the Peacock Parlour over the next few months. We have already had a lot of cancellations are are expecting more, alongside an almost complete drop off of new bookings. As far as we know we will still need to pay rent, which is a substantial sum every month. We do have some savings so are hoping we can ride out this situation and come out the other side. We have made slight changes to our cancellation policy to support sex workers in this difficult time, as well as discounted bookings available, details below.

What we’re doing to mitigate risk

We have strict policies in place around cleaning already: in between every booking we wipe down furniture and used toys with hospital grade disinfectant, we change sheets and provide fresh towels as standard. We feel that we’re already fairly safe, but will be more vigilant about cleaning everything that may get touched in between bookings, as well as more thorough cleaning of the floors and bathroom in between bookings. To make this possible we have updated the booking system so it automatically leaves 2 hours between each booking.

What you can do

  • Please wash or sanitize your hands on arrival
  • Take extra care to wipe down everything you may have touched with Clinell wipes during your cleanup to leave the place as clean as possible.
  • Wipe down then put any toys you have touched (even if you didn’t use them) into the black box for further cleaning
  • Please do not come if you have a fever, persistent cough, or have been exposed to anyone who has Coronavirus.


We have decided separate out our cancellation policies for private and professional bookings. This way we can continue to support sex workers who use our space and are likely experiencing a significant drop in income already.

For private bookings, the cancellation policy will remain as is – cancellations up to a week before appointment get a full refund, cancellations 2-7 days before appointment the deposit can be transferred to another booking within a month, and for cancellations within 48 hours deposit is non-transferable or refundable.

For professional bookings, deposits will remain transferable even with same day cancellations, and there is no time cap on the transfer date – so if for example you can’t reschedule until summer, this is still fine. This way you will not loose any more money should a client decide to cancel last minute.

If we need to cancel on you, if neither of us can leave the house, we will offer a full refund.

Discounted last minute content-creation bookings

With face-to-face sessions becoming more dangerous or impossible, content creation is going to be an avenue for sex workers to still earn money. The last thing we want is the Peacock Parlour sitting empty whilst people are struggling, so we have decided to offer significantly reduced rates for last-minute content creation bookings, whether this be photoshoots, or video shoots for OnlyFans or clipstores.

This can be arranged the evening before or on the day of your shoot, any time the Peacock Parlour is showing empty between 1pm – 10pm. Please message or call us after 7pm the day before. And please also be patient if you contact us in the morning, typically we don’t get to messages before 11am.

  • Bookings are £10 per hour for 2 hours minimum- just enough to cover our costs of opening.
  • We can provide a ring light and a softbox light, as well as the usual atmospheric lighting and florescence overhead lights
  • All furniture and toys will be available for use
  • Please do not to wax play during these bookings

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