The creation of The Peacock Parlour
March 3, 2018
Holiday 29th August – 5th Sept
August 28, 2018
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Lounge and kitchen in domestic area of Peacock Parlour dungeon to hire London

We've just added a massive black theatre curtain through the middle of the venue so it can be more flexible in it's use. With the curtain left open we have a huge 60sqm dungeon space, ideal for all kinds of BDSM play. Closed off the curtain creates two distinct areas; a cosy domestic space, and a more play focused dungeon space.

The domestic space is ideal for scenes that don't need excessive bondage equipment, or for body workers who don't explicitly work with kink. It can be a great for sexological bodywork sessions, for sissy play, domestic servitude, human furniture, anything that needs a more homely vibe. And of course it is excellent for photo shoots.

We can arrange for a massage table to be placed in this domestic area for you to work on if that suits your needs.

Future improvements to this area include putting a mirror and some art on the walls, and adding a bookcase filled with books of BDSM erotica, sex education, kink education, fetish pictures... anything that is in any way relevant to the space we will be adding to the collection.

Accessible from the domestic area is a small kitchen with a kettle and microwave, (tea,coffee and milk is provided) and there is a small bathroom with shower and toilet (towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner etc is provided).

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