Lounge and kitchen in domestic area of Peacock Parlour dungeon to hire London
Kink free domestic area
April 3, 2018
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The creation of The Peacock Parlour

It’s been a very interesting journey creating the Peacock Parlour. It’s taken a massive amount of work by the hands of various volunteers, builders, labourers, sex workers… Countless hours went into creating this place, and the skills and time of many wonderful people many of whom continue to use it now.

We started off with a plain white, empty warehouse space. (Click on all images to see in full)

Then we rebuilt walls up to 7 meters tall with soundproofing, we created a hallway, painted endless walls, laid a gorgeous (and easy to clean) floor, wallpapered, added fabrics, and finally moved in all the gorgeous kit I’ve been amassing over the past 7 years.

The end effect is that of a cosy, soft and atmospheric dungeon. A gothic boudoir. Not the standard medieval dungeon, but not quite a domestic space either, somewhere in between. A fantasy land you can lose yourself in… and with 60sqm floor space there is plenty of space to swing a cat.

It is now open and available to hire! More details will be available on the Peacock Parlour website soon, but in the meantime you can see our progress on twitter if you go to @peacockparlour

The dungeon is suitable for pro-dommes and subs, and other sex workers to hire by the hour or by the day, for photo shoots, video shoots, or whatever else your imagination can create. Also for couples, workshops, and small intimate soirées. Drop an email to contact@peacockparlour.co.uk for more info, or DM us on Twitter.

To see pictures of the gorgeous dungeon as it is now visit the Gallery


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